At the heart of The Fresh Generation lies the honest belief that we truly are what we eat and therefore need to have a good, and sustainable relationship with healthy food. At Vegesentials, we believe that we owe it to ourselves, our children and future generations to repair and preserve a good relationship with highly nutritious natural food. Its the only way we can preserve our good genes, youth, overall wellbeing and ability to function normally. Without that relationship, we lose sight of what we are and our responsibility to the next generation.

Vegesentials is a naturally nutrient-rich drink. The brand fills a gap in a market where consumers increasingly seek healthier, delicious and convenient options to fit into their  fast-paced lifestyles. The drink is 100% pure, raw and fresh and each 250ml bottle contains at least 50% vegetables and at least one portion of the recommended five-a-day intake of fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, Vegesentials leads the charge as the first pre-dominantly vegetable drink to use non-thermal high-pressure pasteurization (HPP), maximising  retention of nutrients such as vitamins. There is no use of pre-packed purees, heat treatment, added sugar, water, extracts, additives, powders or concentrates.



“It makes a lot of sense for us to work with Diabetes UK. They share our values andcommitment to promoting the importance of a healthy balanced diet nurturing everyone’s relationship with healthy food in the quest for healthier lifestyles.””.


Vegesentials  fundamental beliefs have shaped the Organisation and continues to reflect in every decision we make, whether it is business decisions such as the sort of ingredients we use, our manufacturing process, the kind of packaging we use and our Partnerships. We do not simply select the most nutritious vegetables and fruit for you, we also ensure we are not just selling a “healthy label” but are indeed delivering real nutritional value with every single bottle.

Vegesentials bottles are all made from PET plastic which means they can be recycled over and over again, therefore protecting the earth and in turn protecting our ability to continue to grow highly nutritious food.