“There were no raw fruit and vegetable drinks available on any supermarket shelf”

What seemed like an ordinary routine visit to my local GP was the pivotal moment in my life when I heard the words, “You will have to be scanned for a brain tumour”. This was during my years as a full-time mum and as any mother would appreciate, I found these words quite hard to take in. On my way home, I decided that the first step to improving my health would be to radically change my dietary lifestyle by including fresh nutrient rich vegetables such as kale, spinach, beetroot, carrots, parsnips, and fruit. The real challenge would be finding a delicious and convenient way to make this consumption a sustainable lifestyle.

There were no unpasteurised fruit and vegetable juices or smoothies on any supermarket shelf, so I decided to have a go at making them myself.  It was then that the idea of combining super vegetables for their nutritious qualities in a fresh fruit ‘half and half’ drink to get the best of both worlds sprang to mind. I returned home with a load of fresh super vegetables and delicious fruit and got juicing!

Soon, the whole family including my three young children and husband were enjoying the uniquely wonderful fruity veg recipes; which was when I thought that perhaps I was onto something special. Thankfully there was no brain tumour, however it was clear after a short while that the family looked and felt better with this new lifestyle upgrade.

What my husband Andrew and I didn’t expect was for our children to tell school friends about the veg drinks they had at home. Who would have thought kids would ever find vegetables trendy enough to actually talk about with friends?

I started receiving requests from children before they came to visit on play dates, to make sure I had the fruity veg drinks ready when they arrived!

Mums from the children’s school quickly heard of the new craze being spoken about in the schoolyard and started asking for the original recipes. They were intrigued but struggled to find the time to juice daily and asked for me to create regular samples for them to buy. The demand for these healthy and delicious blends escalated quickly before my eyes until I realised this was becoming a full time hobby.

Andrew and I decided to incorporate Vegesentials officially in February 2012 and have been fully devoted to it since. Vegesentials launched at The Taste of London Festival in June 2012 as UK’s 1st Raw Vegetable Drink Brand and the 1st Fruity Vegetable Smoothie Brand.

Finally everyone can grab a handy bottle of crushed and squeezed 100% pure, fresh wholesome fruits and vegetables on the go!

Vegesentials was honoured to deliver Britain’s first unpasteurised fruit and vegetable smoothie and juice brand as well as the first children’s fresh drink brand. The Fresh Generation can now enjoy home-made quality and the best of both fruit and veg, in a delicious and convenient way.

The brand filled the gaping hole in a market where consumers were increasingly seeking healthier, more delicious and convenient options to fit into their fast paced lifestyles.

Andrew and Patience are wholly committed to nurturing everyone’s experience and relationship with healthy food regardless of lifestyle, palate or age by providing delicious, homemade quality raw healthy drinks that everyone will enjoy.

Yours Truly,

(Vegesentials Founding Directors)