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“Fresh Kids On-the-Go”


“We totally understand the  struggles parents go through to get fruit and veggies into their children and so it is important to us that we get it right by listening to our children as they would know best about what children really
want to eat or drink.”

Patience Arinaitwe-Mugadu & Andrew Mugadu.

“Vegesentials is honoured to have launched Fresh Kids On-the-Go Range the first pure and fresh (unpasteurised)  fruit and veg smoothie and juice brand for children.”


“All the flavours in this range that have been created with kids for kids. Andrew and Patience have taken instructions from their 3 children in creating recipes they know children will absolutely love. Every flavour has to get the all important ‘Thumbs Up’ from the Vegesentials Junior Tasting Panel.”   *Naturally occurring vitamins in the Cheeky Carrot & Peach Juice.

“Recipes made with kids, for kids!”


The story of Vegesentials began with children’s and parents’ requests for delicious fresh fruit and veg drinks, and it brings us a lot of joy to get the kids back on board.

It has been very important for us to let our children aged 10, 8 and 4 years, steer the creation of the Fresh Kids On-the-Go Range. No one understands children better than children, which is why they have been at the forefront of the development of the children’s recipes and packaging. Nothing was approved until they all agreed, which is a rarity in this household!

I was surprised  a few years ago before Vegesentials to hear our children ‘warning’ their friends before playdates that they would ‘drinking’ vegetables when they came over to visit. Their curious friends were intrigued but much to my relief they actually really liked the juices – so much that they asked their mothers to juice fruit and veg for them as well. Who would have ever thought that vegetables would be ‘cool’ enough to become a subject of interest to kids?

The mothers who also happened to be personal friends from the school run were naturally very keen to get the recipes if they would help get more fresh fruit and super veg nutrients into their kids. I shared the recipes with them but they felt it was a bit of a nightmare having to juice fruit and veg daily so a handful of mums asked if they could buy them two or three times a week on a regular basis.

The orders multiplied within a very short space of time until it became too much for the kitchen at home. It became clear from my experience on the school run how much people wanted 100% pure and fresh (unpasteurised) fruit and veg drinks, for their children as much as they did for themselves. I asked my husband Andrew to help me set up the business in February 2014.

Andrew and I have both been fully devoted to building the Vegesentials business ever since. Vegesentials is very much a family run business and is a labour of love for the both of us and our 3 children who absolutely enjoy being involved.

It really is exciting to launch the kids’ range because as parents, its all about investing in the next generation by inspiring The Fresh Generation.

Patience Arinaitwe-Mugadu